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The perception of age and how to change it (just a little)

The Top Ways to Turn Back the Clock On Your Appearance  

The way we look is something that most of us are very sensitive about, and of course no one wants to feel as though they're less attractive than they were or than they could be. It's rather unfortunate then that as we grow older, that's exactly the way most of us feel as daily life takes its toll on our looks and we start to appear more wrinkled, more tired and more haggard.

Of course, this would be painful enough, but looking back and knowing that we were once so much more attractive is really what makes this so upsetting.

But the good news is that you don't need to just give up and just accept these changes as fact and there are a number of ways you can regain some of your youthful good looks.

Here we will look at how you can turn back the hands of time and regain your youthful appearance - to a degree.


Glasses can sometimes look attractive and give you a professional and studious vibe. For the most part though they are really just incredibly ageing and will result in people estimating your age as much older. 

To combat the impact glasses have on your look, you should think about using contacts, getting laser eye surgery, or just choosing a more modern looking pair of specs. You'd be surprised what a change this can make.


Wrinkles are another one of the things we consider as a clear sign of age. If your face looks like a road map, then people will assume you're much older but there are a number of ways you can address this problem.

One of course is to use makeup, and for women there are arrange of foundations and concealers that can make a big difference and give you a more porcelain complexion.

Another option is to use the right skin care products, and these include things like moisturizers and even self-tanning lotions - developing a tan can hide blemishes by reducing contrast (going in the sun for real though will age your skin by drying it out and bathing it in radiation).

Obviously if you're open to cosmetic procedures then there are a range of other options here too from Botox to laser treatment - but none of these are completely necessary to enjoy much healthier looking skin.


Over time your face shape changes, and you can lose some of your chiseled looks. We often gain weight as we get older for one, but at the same time we can also find our skin losing its tightness resulting in jowls, and certain features continuing to grow while others stay the same. 

Using contouring is one way that women can deal with this problem, which means using darker makeup to create a shadow effect and thus alter the appearance of the face by highlighting cheekbones or making the nose appear slimmer.

For all genders, working out and losing weight can help to give your face more shape and definition and will also improve skin tone. 

Helen Bruger


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