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Tales of Four Poets

I set about designing and writing this stage show some time before the pandemic, and I'm so proud to say it is finally finished and ready for me to be bringing to a stage near you.


Originally, the show began as "only" a Phil Collins tribute show which I had put together in 2012.  

Aussudio - The Phil Collins experience was me heading up a 9 piece band with horn section, backing vocalists, supremely skilled musicians and a bangin' stage show engineered with lighting, effects and pyrotechnics. Rehearsals were sounding awesome and it would have indeed been an amazing show.


As it turned out, some health challenges among other things eventually resulted in the show never reaching the live performance stage. In hindsight, a show of the magnitude I was creating with Aussudio was far too ambitious a project for me to bring to market at that time and effectively deliver it to the standard I would have demanded. 

Instead, my initial deep disappointment became the inception point for Tales of Four Poets. 

To4P is distinctly unusual, uniquely entertaining, engaging and memory evoking.


In this long anticipated solo show, I am the producer, lighting tech, narrator, vocalist, guitarist, harmonica player and performer. I have assembled over 1100 images and video clips into video clips that enhance the lyrical content of the songs I have chosen to present. Along with a few relevant props my stage is relatively sparse with the exception of 5 guitars, and some clothing articles for my costume changes.


This show is part musical performance, part TED talk, part strolling down memory lane, part enlightening anecdotes and insights into these four superstars and the stellar careers they have had. But most of all it's about you the audience member and the rollercoaster ride we take together with some giggles, lots of emotions and probably a few tears.


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