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Thermomix Consultant

The Thermomix TM6 is probably the highest value kitchen appliance you could hope for in a modern, connected kitchen today. From over 80,000 step by step guided recipes to just making your grandmas famous cookies, Thermie can help you do it all.

Not only can I supply your new Thermomix, I (or one of my colleagues) will help set it up for you and show you the magic of your new Thermomix firsthand.

Get your new Thermomix TM6 here

Simple cooking, great food

Cooking is a very personal yet communal activity and should be shared with your loved ones. Giving kids the knowledge they need to put a meal together is one of the most valuable skills a parent can impart.

Follow our Facebook community to learn more about how easy this can be even with the fussiest of kids.

Image by CA Creative
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